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Employment Law, Labour Law & Workplace Human Rights Law is all we do.

For Employees
  • Employee Rights and Workers Rights
  • Workplace Harassment and Sexual Harassment
  • Wrongful Dismissal and Wrongful Termination
  • Workplace Discrimination and Gender Discrimination
  • Severance Package Review and Negotiation
  • Employment Offer Review and Negotiation
  • Exit Strategies and Non-Competition Clauses
  • Workplace Human Rights Law
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Many other legal issues related to BC Labour Laws and BC Employment Laws
For Employers
  • Employment Contracts and Offer Letters
  • Performance Management
  • Discipline and Termination of Employment
  • Workplace Human Rights Law
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Employment Policies
  • Manager training on Employment Law, Labour Law, and BC Human Rights Law
  • And more!


Employment Law Solutions to Reduce or Eliminate Workplace Conflict

Experienced Employment Lawyers

Employment Law is all we do

We only advise on employment law, labour law, and workplace human rights law. With 13 years collective experience, we've worked with hundreds of employee and employer clients.

Practical and Compassionate

We care about our clients

We love solving problems. We also love getting to know our clients and their work. We give straightforward advice and don't sugarcoat. You will know where you stand.

Empowering Clients with Knowledge

You will understand your employer and employee rights

Our job as employment lawyers is to help you understand your legal rights and options. Once you have knowledge, you have the power to take control of the situation.

Transparent and Cost-Effective Fees

You will know what it costs

In most cases, we offer a flat fee for an initial employment lawyer consultation so you know exactly what it will cost to get your questions answered. We have flexible fee arrangements, and take some employment law files on contingency. We always give cost estimates, and we will do a cost-benefit analysis at every stage.

Local and Community Integration

Based in Surrey, Langley and on the North Shore

At Forte Law, we are all locals. After years working for leading firms in Vancouver, we are very happy to have eliminated our commutes and to be serving clients in and around our Surrey, Langley and North Vancouver communities.

Don’t live in Surrey, Langley or the North Shore? We can still help

We advise employees across BC

We work with clients from as close as Vancouver, Delta, Burnaby and Richmond to as far as Vancouver Island, Northern BC and in the Interior. We can assist with almost any employment law issue by email or phone.

Hilary Kilgour March 6, 2017

Sara Forte is a terrific lawyer that has been so valuable to me! Whether reviewing contracts before signing or handling unexpected challenges as they arise - Sara has always been professional, supportive, and timely. When you're looking for someone you can trust in these important moments - I'm so grateful that I can count on Sara!
[Source - Google Review]

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Sara Forte, Surrey Employment Lawyer, Labour Lawyer, specializing in Employment Law, Labour Law, BC Human Rights Law

Sara Forte

Labour and Employment Lawyer, Founder
I am an employment lawyer & labour lawyer, practicing exclusively in employment law, labour law, and workplace human rights law since 2004. Solving work-related legal problems is all that I do, from hiring to firing, and everything in between.I grew up in Langley, BC. After attending law school in Ontario, then working and living outside Surrey for a few years, my valley girl roots brought me back home to South Surrey to raise my own young family.

More about Sara Forte

Christie Gilmour

Labour and Employment Lawyer
I am an employment lawyer practicing exclusively in employment law and workplace human rights law. Solving work-related legal problems is all that I do, from hiring to firing, and everything in between.I was raised in South Surrey and am now raising my own family in White Rock. After attending law school in Halifax and 6 years practicing law with a firm in Vancouver, I joined Forte Law in Surrey in 2017. I am excited to be serving clients in this great community.

Learn about Christie Gilmour

Jim Wu

Employment Lawyer
I am an employment lawyer. Before joining Forte Law in 2019, I ran my own solo employment law practice where I drafted and reviewed job offers and severance packages, and fought for and defended against wrongful dismissal claims. As a former EI adjudicator, I also advise on the ins and outs of Employment Insurance and represent both employees and employers at the Social Security Tribunal.

More about Jim Wu

Nicki Isaac

Legal Assistant
Nicki joined Forte Law in 2017, and brings with her many years experience working with a major national law firm. Nicki takes all incoming calls at our office and does all of our new client bookings. When she is not at work, Nicki can be found in her garden or walking her dogs with her husband around Delta.

BC Employment Laws Blog

Our thoughts on all things Employment Law. The information in this blog applies to non-union employees in accordance with BC Employment Law.


We have been interviewed as experts in in Employment Law, Labour Law & BC Human Rights Law for TV, radio and print news.

Driver for Surrey daycare caught using cellphone at stop light
Sep 28, 2017

The driver of a daycare minibus has lost her job after police caught her using her cellphone behind the wheel in Surrey. .

B.C. government investigates company for not paying employees

Sep 27, 2017

Watch News Videos Online.

Snow day daycare crunch
Feb 06, 2017

Snow days can put a lot of pressure on parents., who are often forced to scramble for child care at the last minute. But what if you can’t find anyone, and you’re worried about your job? Aaron McArthur has the details.

Need to take a snow day for your kids?
Feb 06, 2017

"Working parents are worried this is going to negatively impact them if they can't make it in," Sara Forte told On The Coast host Stephen Quinn.
"Parents are legally obligated to take care of your children, and if they're not able to provide alternate care, for instance, you have a kindergartener, you just have to stay home with them."
Forte says B.C.'s Human Rights Code has protections which guard against discrimination based on one's family status.

What to do when you’ve lost your job
October 25, 2013

So how can you tell if you’re eligible for a severance package in the first place?

“If you have worked somewhere for more than three months, and you are not being fired ‘for cause’, then you should get some amount of severance, though the amount you are entitled to receive varies dramatically,” Forte says.

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