Rolling out layoffs for the first time?

Advice Package for Employers

We have created a cost-effective, flat fee package to cover off the legal advice your business needs, including advice about EI (Employment Insurance) the Employment Standards Act, and a layoff letter.

The package includes online meetings with an employment lawyer to cover:

  • a review of your general circumstances, employee information and employment contracts to assess potential liability;
  • advice about pros and cons to layoffs and potential layoff alternatives;
  • advice about how to best communicate and roll out layoffs;
  • a customized template layoff letter to go to impacted employees, delivering the news in a way that reflects your company culture and covers your legal obligations; and
  • advice about how to best position your employees to collect EI, including completion of ROEs (Records of Employment).

Flat-fee prices: $1,000 (under 15 employees),

$1,500 (15-29 employees), $2,500 (30-49 employees), plus applicable taxes.

If you are a large employer with more than 50 employees, call or email for a quote.

To book, contact our office at 604-535-7063 and speak to Nicki or email [email protected]

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