Douglas Thorpe-Dorward

Douglas Thorpe-Dorward, Labour Lawyer & Workplace Investigator

I am a labour lawyer and workplace investigator with 20 years experience on both the union and employer sides of the table. I have been the chief staff officer for a professional union, as well as the head of a labour relations department for a large public sector employer. I am experienced in collective bargaining, and have served as chief negotiator at the bargaining table. I am solutions-focussed and believe that a negotiated resolution is the best option whenever possible. I understand the dynamics of union-employer relationships, and am skilled at navigating them. I have also worked as an decision-maker for a federal administrative tribunal.

Outside of work you will find me watching my teenage son on the soccer field and the volleyball court. You will also see me out walking my French Bulldog, Winston. Having grown up in Saskatchewan, I am still fascinated by the coast and the mountains of British Columbia.

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