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an exceptional support when I needed legal advice. She was professional, compassionate, and quick to respond to any questions I had about the process or potential outcomes. I truly could not have had a better lawyer in my corner!

Lauren M

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While she was on maternity leave, Susanne was emailed a notice that there was a reorganization at work and her job was eliminated. She was told she could apply for other positions or she would get a severance package at the end of her leave. After meeting with one of our lawyers, Susanne understood how human rights laws impacted her situation and what kind of severance package she could expect. Susanne was able to negotiate a fair severance package and moved on to a great new job elsewhere at the end of her leave.

Marc got a great offer from a new company, but was worried about the non-competition clause in his contract with his current company. He didn’t want to get sued. Marc reviewed his contract with one of our lawyers who explained whether his contract was enforceable, the risks, and his options. Marc was able to accept the new offer, and was relieved because he understood that the contract term actually didn’t actually apply to his new job.


Pregnancy discrimination – mom’s the word

Monthly, sometimes weekly, and at times even daily, we are asked about expectant moms’ rights. There is so much misinformation and confusion about the rights of working pregnant women. Click below to learn more about pregnancy discrimination.

Wrongful dismissal – know your rights

Without a doubt, the most frequent questions that we get from employee clients are about their rights once they have received a termination letter. Click below to learn more about termination and severance packages.

Is a non-compete enforceable?

3 common myths about non-competition or non-solicitation clauses are debunked in this article. Are they worth the paper they are written on? Click below to learn more about non-compete clauses.