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knowledgeable, responsive, and also caring. I really feel like she took the time to listen, and not hear just the mechanics of the situation, but also the human side.”

Jennifer G.

We truly value not just her expertise, but her partnership. We always know we’re in good hands and are seamlessly guided through compliance, interpretation and process with transparency and professionalism.”

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Dr. Johal is losing sleep over a challenges with an employee of his small dental practice. He bought the practice a few years ago and several long-term employees continued on with him. One of the long-term employees has been getting into arguments with other staff and it is creating tension for everyone. Patients were starting to complain. Dr. Johal had no idea what to do, and came to see one of our lawyers for advice. The lawyer walked Dr. Johal through the law of termination of employment, and options for performance management. Dr. Johal decided it was time to end the employment relationship, and the lawyer wrote up the paperwork and also helped him prepare for the meeting with the employee. It was a hard meeting, but Dr. Johal knew what he was offering was fair. The employee agreed to the package and his practice is now thriving.

Julia is a seasoned HR professional. She can handle most people’s problems, but every once in a while there is something really complex. Recently, Julia had to figure out how to deal with an employee who had been on a disability leave for several years, was no longer in communication with the company, but was still on payroll and benefits. Julia works regularly with one of our lawyers, so she was able to call them, review the situation, talk through her options, understand the risks and make a plan.


So you have been served with a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, what’s next?

We are regularly contacted by businesses who have been served with a wrongful dismissal lawsuit by a former employee. This can be very stressful and for many, the first time they have been sued. Click below to learn more about what to do if you receive a legal demand from a former employee.

Is your business ready for a harassment complaint?

We all hope that bullying and harassment won’t happen in our workplace, but with statistics showing that one in three workers experiences harassment—a complaint of bullying or harassment is possible anywhere. But are you ready to deal with one? Click below to learn more about how to be ready for a harassment complaint.

When is Employment Terminated?

We answer many questions from employee and employer clients about what happens to the employment relationship when someone has been laid off or is let go due to a restructuring or shortage of work. Click below to learn more about layoffs and reorganizations.