Collaborating with us on investigations means partnering with a team devoted to practical solutions and fostering a positive work environment where people feel safe and respected. We approach each investigation with care and provide you with actionable insights, all while fostering trust and reassurance. 

workplace conflict

Conflict happens in every workplace, however, when conflict negatively impacts your workplace and employees’ well-being, it is time to take action. 

how we can help

Our investigators have extensive experience with investigations in both union and non-union workplaces. Since no two investigations are alike, each investigation is tailored to meet our client’s needs. We conduct procedurally fair and impartial investigations and prepare thorough and easy to read reports. We take a trauma-informed approach when conducting investigations and have experience across industries in the public and private sector. 

our approach

timely & thorough

We execute each stage of an investigation promptly while ensuring thoroughness and attention to detail. We place an emphasis on efficiency without compromising the quality or accuracy of our work. 

procedural fairness & natural justice

Our investigations are conducted impartially, transparently, and with opportunity for all parties to be heard. All parties are treated fairly, and their rights are respected throughout the process. 

focus & clarity of scope

From the outset, we identify the scope of the investigation and focus on key priorities.  We ensure ongoing communication throughout the process and stay focused on the issues identified to prevent scope creep.

proportionality & flexibility

Our goal is to take an approach that is proportional to the complexity of the situation and adaptable to ever-evolving circumstances. 

preserving working relationships

Preserving working relationships involves maintaining positive and productive interactions with everyone in the workplace.  We make an effort to minimize disruptions to your workplace during an investigation in order to preserve and encourage positive working relationships.


We take a trauma-informed approach to investigations by acknowledging the impact trauma can have on the participants and ensuring that the process includes tools to minimize any additional trauma or stress.

cultural humility

We work with organizations and individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and are committed to working together to continue to learn from and collaborate with them.

types of complaints

industry experience

  • sexual harassment 
  • sexual violence 
  • hostile work environment 
  • bullying and psychological harassment 
  • policy breaches 
  • statutory violations 
  • racial harassment and discrimination 
  • code of conduct violations and other employee misconduct 
  • systemic discrimination 
  • abuse of authority 
  • conflict of interest 
  • workplace violence & harassment investigations under the Canada Labour Code 
  • post-secondary and K-12 education (staff, faculty and student misconduct) 
  • municipal and provincial government and public sector 
  • non-profit 
  • private sector 
  • construction 
  • mining 
  • manufacturing 
  • retail 
  • First Nations and Indigenous organizations 
  • banking 
  • healthcare 
  • and more 

client reviews

“They deliver timely and professional processes and reports. They bring value by engaging with the people in our organization in a way that demonstrates an understanding of our institutional culture. I have received positive comments from stakeholders across our organization about Forte’s investigators including that they felt heard and respected throughout the process.”

– Li-Jeen Broshko, General Counsel, SFU

“We use Forte Law regularly to conduct external investigations. Although it may sound basic, one of the most important factors for us in investigations is timeliness, which Forte has consistently delivered. I receive regular process updates and am never left wondering what is happening or when I might get a report. All of the reports I have received from Forte have been well thought out and professional and have provided the information and analysis needed by our internal decision makers.”

– Sharon Woodburn, Executive Director HR, SD#36

“The investigators at Forte Workplace Law did an excellent job investigating a complicated sexual harassment investigation for us. They took exceptional care to analyze the issues appropriately and prepared a report that was well written and easy to read.”

– Post-Secondary Client

other services

Sometimes a workplace investigation is not the right approach. We have a wide variety of offerings to prevent and/or manage conflict in the workplace: 

process advice

Conflict can be stressful and overwhelming, and it can be hard to know where to start. We work with our clients to determine what kind of process will be most effective in a specific situation. 

environmental scans/workplace assessments

These scans are used to identify and understand broad concerns or themes in a workplace by speaking with groups of people or individuals to gather useful information. This is often done where no complaint has been filed, with a proactive purpose. 

conflict coaching

We work with the parties involved in a workplace conflict to give them skills and practical advice to deal with the conflict and feel more confident avoiding and preparing for other conflicts that may arise. 

facilitated discussion

We facilitate discussions between the parties in a workplace conflict and help each to hear the other side and move toward a solution. 


We act as mediators to assist the parties to define their needs, values, and interests and find agreeable solutions. To learn more about Forte Law’s mediations, click here

StandUP Teams respectful workplace training

We train your whole team to understand how they can StandUP to workplace bullying and harassment as active bystanders and support a respectful workplace.  Click here for more information on StandUP Teams training

investigation team

Find out more about our investigators in British Columbia and Alberta.


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