Forte Law Workplace Investigations

We conduct timely, fair, and impartial investigations into work-related matters.

Confidentiality is central to our work.  As lawyers in BC and Alberta, our investigation work and reports can be protected by solicitor-client privilege.

We have experience in a wide range of private and public sector industries including healthcare, community services, post-secondary and K-12 education, retail, service and hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and mining.

We approach every investigation with these core values:

Preserving working relationships.
We ensure that all stakeholders feel heard and respected, and work to minimize the wake left by the investigation. We can also support pre- and post-investigation communications strategy.

Focus and clarity of scope.
We take care to avoid ever-expanding investigations and “scope-creep.” We prepare careful Terms of Reference, and change scope only when necessary and approved by our client.

Proportionality and flexibility
There is no one-size-fits all investigation and we communicate regularly with our clients throughout the process, while maintaining impartiality. A written report is not always needed, and we can also act as mediators when appropriate.

Trauma-informed approach.
We have training in trauma-informed practice and experience working with First Nations communities and clients.

What our Clients say....

“We use Forte Law regularly to conduct external investigations. Although it may sound basic, one of the most important factors for us in investigations is timeliness, which Forte has consistently delivered. I receive regular process updates and am never left wondering what is happening or when I might get a report. All of the reports I have received from Forte have been well-thought out and professional and have provided the information and analysis needed by our internal decision makers.”

Sharon Woodburn, Executive Director Human Resources, Surrey School District #36

“We have used Forte Law to conduct external investigations and they deliver timely and professional processes and reports. They bring value by engaging with the people in our organization in a way that demonstrates an understanding of our institutional culture. I have received positive comments from stakeholders across our organization about Forte’s investigators including that they felt heard and respected throughout the process.”

Li-Jeen Broshko, General Counsel, Office of the President, Simon Fraser University

Our Investigations Team

Sara Forte, Surrey Employment Lawyer, Labour Lawyer, specializing in Employment Law, Labour Law, BC Human Rights Law

Sara Forte

Sara Forte is the founder of Forte Law and has conducted workplace investigations in the post-secondary, K-12 education, and manufacturing industries. With an extensive background in labour law, Sara has been retained jointly for investigations by unions and employers.

More about Sara Forte

Jessica Forman, Lawyer, Forte Law Corporation

Jessica Forman

Jessica Forman is an experienced employment lawyer and leads our workplace investigations practice group. Jessica’s background advising employers on matters arising from workplace investigations gives her an important perspective on the role of an investigator’s work and report.

More about Jessica Forman

Amy Frankel, Lawyer, Forte Law Corporation, Surrey, BC

Amy Frankel

Amy Frankel joined our firm with more than 15 years of experience as in-house counsel and has an insider’s view of the impact of investigations on organizational culture. As in-house counsel, Amy has conducted internal investigations, retained and instructed external investigators, and has also led training on how to conduct internal investigations.

More about Amy Frankel

Jessie Hadley, Lawyer, Forte Law Corporation, Surrey, BC, Calgary, Alberta

Jess Hadley

Jess Hadley is a seasoned labour lawyer with extensive experience handling challenging workplace conflicts. She is well-equipped to conduct investigations in a unionized environment, including joint retainers. Jess is also a trained mediator and brings her mediation skills to her investigation work.

More about Jessie Hadley

Katelynn Denny, Surrey Employment Lawyer, Labour Lawyer, specializing in Employment Law, Labour Law, BC Human Rights Law

Katelynn Denny

Katelynn Denny is an employment lawyer and experienced workplace investigator. Katelynn has been trained to conduct investigations under the post-secondary Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act.

More about Katelynn Denny

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