Jim Wu

Jim Wu, Employment Lawyer

I am an employment lawyer. Before joining Forte Law in 2019, I ran my own solo employment law practice where I drafted and reviewed job offers and severance packages, and fought for and defended against wrongful dismissal claims. As a former EI adjudicator, I also advise on the ins and outs of Employment Insurance and represent both employees and employers at the Social Security Tribunal.

Outside of work, I currently hold a blue belt in Brazilian jujitsu and I train my long-haired German shepherd in various dog sports, most recently in herding. I am also a mentor for the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers. I grew up in the lower mainland in a bilingual household, and while I work primarily in English, I can also offer services in Mandarin and Shanghiese.

我出生在上海,在温哥华和本拿比长大。 我的专长是劳工法,可以提供普通话和上海语服务。 工作之余,我练习巴西柔术,训练我的德国牧羊犬放牧,并指导年轻的华裔律师。

EI - The Basics

All you need to know about Employment Insurance (EI) in 4 minutes.

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